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The Bellamatrix ICT Foundation is a non-profit organisation operating  from Johannesburg, running numerous educational projects, training initiatives and workshops across South Africa. Main funding is sourced from various partnerships with long standing corporate and private enterprises, as well as sponsored projects and course accreditation and training. 

School ICT Audits

We offer full audits of school eReadiness, and educator and administrator eMaturity confidence & competence. Our audit frameworks are highly flexible and can be customized to suit any school / organizational environment. Based on the results of an audit we can make powerful recommendations for schools or donors towards developing a sustainable and contextually aware ICT solution.

Teacher Professional Development

Our Capacity Development Unit offers a range of professional development courses accredited by the South African Council for Educators, other service providers and various SETAs.


We offer in-depth consulting services around ICT interventions in education in schools across the country, from short-term projects to longer-term programmes focused on sustainability. Consulting services can be provided at an abstract, idea-generating level or at a hands-on, contextually-grounded level. Recommendations are ideally informed by a full audit of a school’s infrastructure and training requirements conducted by Bellamatrix Foundation.

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project management

We offer effective, tailored project management for ICT in education interventions in schools across the country, based on more than a decade of experience in managing successful and sustainable interventions in South African schools. Our project management expertise can be adapted to take over existing projects or to run a project from inception to completion. We are also capable of running large-scale regional, provincial or national projects.

"Our projects"

These projects have a strong developmental approach and utilise company resources to benefit and uplift communities and are not primarily driven as marketing initiatives.