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Course Overview

  • Introduction

    Course description

    This Train the Teachers (TtT) course is designed to provide teachers  with skills and knowledge to effectively deliver their lessons in the classroom for their learners in line with the CAPS policy document


    • facilitate and equip the trainers with skills and knowledge about ICT in the classroom and the curriculum
    • develop trainers ability to educate teachers who will then use Moodle as a teaching tool in the classroom.
    • help trainers to familiarise  themselves Moodle platform before they train the teachers to use Moodle as a teaching resource

    Pedagogical approach

    The online TtT course draws on an experiential learning approach. This enables participants to undertake  activities on the Moodle courses created by Bellamatrix ICT FOUNDATION to  use their pedagogical experiences and advance their own digital literacy so as to create and offer lessons in the classroom.

    This aims to engage participants with the modules for training them to refine their pedagogical skills and align them to online teaching. This will avoid a theoretical presentation and instead offers a learning opportunity through which participants can situate their own experience and contextualise their content so as to be effective in their teaching methods .


    Over the course of the 20 weeks participants will engage with key ideas from each of the modules through online training, undertaking activities on their own,  sharing and discussing and ideas with their peers and will engage in personal reflection. 

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