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Bellamatrix ICT foundation is a non-profit organisation operating from Johannesburg, running numerous educational projects, training initiatives and ICT workshops across South Africa. Main founding of our projects is sourced from various partners and donors with long-standing corporate and private enterprises, as well as sponsored and course accreditation and training.


School ICT Audits

We offer full audits of school eReadiness, and educator and administrator eMaturity confidence & competence. Our audit frameworks are highly flexible and can be customised to suit any school / organisational environment. Based on the results of an audit we can make powerful recommendations for schools or donors towards developing a sustainable and contextually aware ICT solution.

Teacher Professional Development

Our Capacity Development Unit offers a range of professional development courses accredited by the South African Council for Educators, other service providers and various SETAs.

Project Management

We offer ieffective, tailored project management for ICT in education interventions in schools across the country, based on more than a decade of experience in managing successful and sustainable interventions in South African schools. Our project management expertise can be adapted to take over existing projects or to run a project from inception to completion. We are also capable of running large-scale regional, provincial or national projects.


This programme is about giving teachers the skills
and knowledge to integrate ICT into their classrooms
and teaching practices using 21st century learner
centred teaching strategies and mobile tablets/laptop
devices. It introduces game based learning and
assessment using a badge system, and is geared to the
practical implementation of ICT in a connected or nonconnected environment.

Phagamang ICT training


1) Introduction to Computing: It is an important part of
everyday life in the twenty-first century.

2) Productivity tools: This Section of the course explores the most common productivity software applications used in school.

3) This shows you how to connect to the Internet,
browse Web pages, navigate Web sites, use search engines,
and exchange e-mail with others.

4) Computer Security and Privacy: You will explore
how to protect your computer from these threats by taking
some preventive measures.



New Venture Creation

This qualification has been developed to meet the needs of small, medium and micro enterprises in the formal and informal sectors. It provides training standards against which prospective entrepreneurs can be trained and it meets the needs of society by providing individuals with an opportunity to uplift themselves by becoming an entrepreneur or small business owner.

The qualification is made up of the following learning programmes:
Use A Second Language In Business.

  • Effective Reading Skills.
  • Business Writing Skills.
  • Ergonomics in Business.
  • Understanding.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Innovative Thinking.
  • Fundamentals of Business.
  • Preparing a Business Plan.
  • Plan and Manage.
  • Production.
  • Manage HR and
  • Labour. Relations.
  • Manage Finance in a New Venture.
  • Code of Conduct in a New Venture.

The modules listed above are unit standard aligned and credit bearing. Each one can be offered as a stand alone learning programme where credits can be earned once a portfolio of evidence has been submitted for assessment and moderation.
When all modules completed a student will receive NQF Level 4 Certificate.

learning progrmme


desktop support technician

New Venture Creation

·        Mentor-ship and Support 12 months Bellamatrix Foundation  Graduation and certification Bellamatrix Foundation  Technical schools and colleges, how to assemble computers, and how to troubleshoot hardware and software issues. It also accommodates those educators and learners who would like to maintain their ICT environments in schools.

This course covers the fundamentals of computer skills for both educators and learners.

This course are taught face to face and also through a webinar to all the 8 participants across their schools.

The DSTs will participate in all our training’s and workshops in the school both face to face and online/webinar sessions in the schools where they are stationed.


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The tool will enable Bellamatrix to measure the level of where educators are currently at, with regard to their ICT Skills, it will also act as our impact assessment at the end of the project activities. This tool is designed to work online and offline, it measures the following areas in educators, 1) The attitudes of educators towards ICT, 2) The competencies of educators in regard to ICTs and, 3) The skills of educators regarding teaching with ICTs. The tool is designed to be completed in 10-15 minutes online and 5-10 minutes offline


The purpose of this course is to give principals and senior school management information on using and managing ICT resources so that they can provide leadership in their schools. The course guide also considers some implications of the use of the computer and related resources for teaching and learning. It carries 15 SACE points, it has 8 modules which can be delivered in 2 to 3 different sessions of 3-4 hours a session



We offer in-depth consulting services around ICT interventions in education in schools across the country, from short-term projects to longer-term programmes focused on sustainability. Consulting services can be provided at an abstract, idea-generating level or at a hands-on, contextually grounded level. recommendations are ideally informed by a full audit of a school's infrastructure and training requirements conducted by BellaMatrix ICT Foundation.

Bellamatrix ICT Foundation

Courses and Workshop

Our courses are highly relevant to teachers, organisations, youth as well as those individuals striving to become digitally innovative and competent.

Webiner & Workshops

We offer on-site training as well as online. Online training are held using interactive platforms to enhance learning and flexible learning during webinar.